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Our Best Guidance for Managing Your Nonprofit Career

Written by: Advice
Published on: Feb 11, 2020

A new year always offers opportunities for a fresh start. For those wrestling with career challenges, it can be a chance to reflect, reboot, and reinvent. The Chronicle offers nonprofit workers a lot of help with all of these goals.

A core piece of advice from our experts: Career building is all about relationships. Cultivate your professional networks. Don’t just seek a mentor, but become one too. "We need the best and brightest in our sector now more than ever, and that means we all need to be noticing and developing talent around us," says Asha Curran, chief innovation officer at the 92nd Street Y.

Whether you’re a nonprofit novice looking for your first position, an underpaid worker looking for a raise, a midlevel employee trying to cope with a dysfunctional manager, or a harried executive director who vows to do better in 2018 at carving out personal time, you’ll find something in the resources listed here just for you.

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Our Best Guidance for Managing Your Nonprofit Career

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