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  • Humanize Your Hiring Process — Here’s Why and How

    • Mar 12, 2024
    • Mordy Walfish

    Six ways one nonprofit has improved its recruiting — such as highlighting skills rather than credentials, including salary ranges in job ads, and making interviews more equitable.

  • Fewer People Want to Lead Nonprofits. What’s the Answer?

    • Mar 4, 2024
    • Frances Kunreuther and Sean Thomas-Breitfeld

    A new study finds that aspiring leaders, especially those of color, aren’t being pulled into leadership through support and positive role models but are more often pushed into top positions to escape difficult work circumstances.

  • 8 Job-Seeking Tips From a Veteran Nonprofit Recruiter

    • Feb 28, 2024
    • Vincent Robinson

    A veteran recruiter of nonprofit leaders offers insights, tips, and pitfalls to avoid when working with a recruiter, or during any hiring process.

  • Fundraisers Reach for A.I. to Boost Productivity

    • Feb 26, 2024
    • Rasheeda Childress

    Some tools suggest whom fundraisers should contact when, based on previous giving patterns or evidence of their connection to the organization.

  • Gen Z Is Open To Nonprofit Careers - but on Their Own Terms

    • Feb 23, 2024
    • Ben Gose

    Young workers favor an informal work style and want a tightly defined work schedule. They’re also demanding changes in how organizations operate.

  • Nonprofits Find Ways to Manage a Staffing Crisis With No End in Sight

    • Feb 22, 2024
    • Jim Rendon

    Nonprofits have faced years of struggle to hold on to staff members and hire new ones.

  • What Young Nonprofit Workers Want

    • Jun 7, 2022
    • Jim Rendon

    Good pay, work-life balance, professional growth, and equitable workplaces are priorities. In a hiring crisis, nonprofits would be smart to pay attention.

  • The Nonprofit Hiring Crisis

    • Jun 7, 2022
    • Jim Rendon

  • Foundations and Donors Step Up Grants to Help Workers Hurt by the Pandemic

    • Apr 14, 2020
    • Alex Daniels

    In the coronavirus era, the heroes drive delivery trucks, bag groceries, and clean hospital floors. As those employees have stayed on the job, risking their lives to ensure others can stay comfortable in seclusion, a new movement is underway to help those workers.

  • Facing Financial Stress, Nonprofits Lay Off Workers

    • Apr 13, 2020
    • Jim Rendon

  • A Blow to Nonprofit Workers: Sweeping layoffs could come just when services are most needed.

    • Mar 31, 2020
    • Jim Rendon

    The coronavirus pandemic, and the social and economic damage it leaves in its wake, is laying bare the nonprofit world’s lack of investment in organizations’ operations and their people.

  • Advice for Young Nonprofit Professionals of Color — From People Who Have Been There

    • Feb 11, 2020
    • Nicole Wallace

    Take advantage of networking opportunities. Develop a circle of mentors and advisers. Build strong connections within your organization.

  • More Charities Keeping Eye on Employees' Work-Life Balance

    • Feb 11, 2020
    • Eden Stiffman

    Long hours, travel, and pressure to be "always on" for donors can take a toll on fundraisers. Many nonprofits are putting a priority on helping workers avert burnout.

  • 9 Ways to Ensure Your Vacation Is Really Time Off From Work

    • Feb 11, 2020
    • Rebecca Koenig

    Coordinating and communicating with donors and colleagues ahead of time is key to arranging a worry-free escape from the daily grind.

  • Staying Healthy While Doing Good: Managing Stress in a Nonprofit Job

    • Feb 11, 2020
    • Rebecca Koenig

    Tips for being productive at the office while preserving work-life balance.

  • Tips for Surviving a Nonprofit Boss From Hell

    • Feb 11, 2020
    • Rebecca Koenig

    Asking for raises, dealing with impossible managers, meeting with recruiters, or just carving out a little "me time": a look back at The Chronicle’s best advice of 2017 for your professional life.

  • Our Best Guidance for Managing Your Nonprofit Career

    • Feb 11, 2020
    • Advice

    Asking for raises, dealing with impossible managers, meeting with recruiters, or just carving out a little "me time": a look back at The Chronicle’s best advice of 2017 for your professional life.

  • Why I’m Getting an MBA as a Fundraiser

    • Feb 11, 2020
    • Amy Krauss

    A business degree can help nonprofit employees work in teams, understand data, and bring about organizational change, says one development professional who is also a student.

  • How to Get a Charity Job if You Have No Nonprofit Experience

    • Feb 11, 2020
    • Allison Fine

    In her latest advice column, nonprofit expert Allison Fine answers a question from a reader who’s having trouble breaking into charity work despite a strong academic background and work experience. In a quandary about your career? Need tips on leadership? Ask Allison.

  • How to Negotiate a Higher Nonprofit Salary

    • Feb 5, 2020
    • Eden Stiffman

    At many organizations, performance reviews coincide with the end of the year. As the final quarter approaches, you may be preparing to ask your manager for a raise. Or maybe you’re looking for a new job and want to make sure you are finally paid what you believe you’re worth.