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  • How to Find a Nonprofit Job That Fits

    • Feb 5, 2020
    • Timothy Sandoval

    Do the research, ask the right questions, and look for the clues that tell you whether a prospective workplace will be toxic or terrific.

  • A Job Hunter Gets Advice on Landing Her First Job in Philanthropy

    • Feb 5, 2020
    • Cody Switzer

    Members of The Chronicle's LinkedIn group offer advice to a recent graduate who wants to start a career as a grant maker.

  • Behind the Scenes of a Fundraiser Search: the Job Seeker’s Perspective

    • Feb 5, 2020
    • Eden Stiffman

    The new director of gift planning at Pennsylvania State University talks about his recent job search. Here’s what other charities can learn from his experience.

  • 12 Questions Job Seekers Should Ask—and Nonprofits Should Be Able to Answer

    • Feb 5, 2020
    • Carol Weisman

    Knowing the size of an organization's donor database, its marketing budget, and other key figures helps fundraisers set reasonable expectations for negotiations.

  • 11 Tips for Dealing With Headhunters

    • Feb 5, 2020
    • Heather Joslyn

    Recruitment professionals offer advice for working with them, even if you are not looking for a new job.

  • How to Diversify Your Nonprofit's Board

    • Feb 5, 2020
    • Tool Kit

    Tool Kit for Enhancing Diversity at your Nonprofit

  • Why and How to Build a Diverse Nonprofit Board

    • Feb 5, 2020
    • Rebecca Koenig

    Making nonprofits better reflect the communities they serve starts at the board level.

  • How to Make Socioeconomic Diversity a Priority in Your Board Search

    • Feb 5, 2020
    • Drew Lindsay

    Finding qualified board members who come from different economic backgrounds takes time, thoughtfulness, and strategy