Facilitator, Emerging Leaders Program (NY)

Princeton AlumniCorps, an independent 501(c)3 mobilizing people, organizations, and networks for the public good, seeks a skilled facilitator to manage and facilitate the New York sessions of its established Emerging Leaders Program. Emerging Leaders works with aspiring leaders in the nonprofit sector to equip them with the tools, insight, and expertise to continue their leadership development and strengthen the capacity of the nonprofit sector. The facilitator will work as an independent contractor within the Emerging Leaders program.

The facilitator leads, coaches, teaches, and supports a cohort of 16 Emerging Leaders over 8 once-a-month day-long sessions. Topics covered include: Myers Briggs type, a 360 evaluation (The Leadership Circle - Manager Edition), developing leadership and management competencies, conducting difficult conversations, supervising, nonprofit staff/board relationships, anti-racist culture, inclusion and equity, presenting/storytelling, and understanding financial reports, career development, work-life balance, among others. AlumniCorps staff support the EL facilitator with logistics, evaluation, and general troubleshooting.

The new facilitator will work with our existing program curriculum, in partnership with the Washington, DC EL facilitator and with support from Princeton AlumniCorps staff.  


The Emerging Leaders Facilitator will manage and engage in the following ways, organized into 4 areas:


    Work with DC facilitator and AlumniCorps staff to ensure that “Welcome Packet” is reviewed and ready for participants; this includes a welcome letter as well as an updated syllabus Prepare for each of the 8 Emerging Leaders sessions by becoming familiar with already defined program values, methods, goals, session-specific objectives and activities and learning principles.  Conduct  calls with the DC EL facilitator, any relevant guest speakers, and AlumniCorps staff as needed as well as assessing ongoing relevance of all reading/viewing/listening assignments.  At start of program year, review program syllabus to ensure relevance and to include any additional/new readings, videos, or other pre-work in the 8-month course Map out timing of all session modules and breakouts For each session, identify, invite, brief, and support guest speakers to help them tailor their interactive talk to meet the objectives of the program and the cohort; develop questions to be covered during guest speaker time; provide guest speakers with any relevant context about cohort and program.   With support of staff, match current ELs with EL alumni for EL Connection Call; initiate email introductions between current ELs and alums; follow up as needed


    Facilitate all program content including blended learning methods, delivering content via slides/handouts/discussions/online tools/small group work.  Create a brave and inclusive space for participation and adapting to the energy and needs of the 16 person cohort. This may include modifying the agenda and timing in real-time to optimize inclusive learning experiences without sacrificing topic coverage..  Assuming in-person sessions, manage the daily schedule, support guest speakers, and liaise with AlumniCorps staff to order food and secure and manage locations for each session (note the facilitator is the day-of point person with the host venue). This also includes coordination with site contact to ensure any relevant security has a participant list and that participants are apprised of security protocols. Materials and room set up are also coordinated by facilitator with support of on-site contact If EL is virtual in 2020/21, there will be fewer on-site logistics needed but more virtual considerations and steps involved. This includes setting up and hosting zoom calls, familiarity with zoom and other online learning tools; preparing pre-session videos for participants to view; coordinating how sessions can be best approached with online learning as the medium Coordination with co-facilitators for D/E/I and public speaking sessions, including design / flow of sessions, roles, program agenda, and any relevant pre-work Draw from one’s own coaching and organizational expertise and session content to create a community and session environment where personal/professional growth happens regularly. Expose ELs to new perspectives, greater self-/social awareness, and deeper understanding of interpersonal and organizational dynamics. Inject own stories and insights in a balanced way, eliciting those of participants as well.



    Provide guidance, explanations  and review to Emerging Leaders between sessions for substantive program work and associated homework deadlines including reading assignments, self-assessments, stretch projects, and a deeper understanding of interpersonal and organizational dynamics. On-going email correspondence with the cohort to ensure they are on track with pre-work and other program requirements; coordination with AlumniCorps staff responsible for posting materials on online site like Google Docs or Google Classroom Manage the online  process for MBTI profiles and 360 feedback reports, including setting up project online with both vendors, coordinating online tool specifications, purchasing the tools and having reports printed in advance of session; this involves providing detailed instructions to participants about the 360 process including troubleshooting as needed, follow up with group to ensure response rates are reached. Coordinate with AlumniCorps staff to support this process and follow up as needed. Conduct a one-on-one coaching session for each of the 16 EL participants, monitor program participation, and be responsive to questions and concerns. 



    Participate in applicant selection in conjunction with AlumniCorps staff, volunteers, and DC Facilitator.  Participate in regular phone meeting session debriefs (either monthly or every other month) with DC facilitator and AlumniCorps team after reviewing session evaluation data. Collaborate on ongoing program improvements and updates. Coordination of final program reception with AlumniCorps staff - this includes review of final program for accuracy, coordination of EL student speakers, selection of a parting gift for cohort, and review of final reception remarks and delivery of remarks at closing reception Make use of their own network to promote the program to prospective applicants and their organizations as well as in the philanthropic community. Participate in the interview and selection process of the following year’s new cohort, including review of written application materials for respective applicants and phone interviews of applicants. Participation in selection call with AlumniCorps to assemble a diverse and strong cohort for following year Participate in year-end review meeting to discuss what was learned and what modifications may be made in the following year’s program Review program evaluation survey each year to ensure relevant questions are asked - this also applies to monthly program evaluation



At least 8 years of relevant work experience in a combination that the following areas:

    Leadership development, executive coaching, assessment tools for individual professional growth. Full day group facilitation of diverse stakeholders, experiential training, guiding peer to peer coaching (ideally with young managers). Experience with nonprofit organizational effectiveness through nonprofit organizational development consulting, in-house management, or other experience with nonprofit management best practices. Project and logistics management, and guidance and motivation of stakeholders who are not directly managed. Demonstrated personal interest in the social sector and advancing the work of mission-driven organizations. Demonstrated ability to adapt to an existing professional development program curriculum and collaborate flexibly with other facilitators, guest speakers, and diverse program participants to deliver a comparable experience across cities. Recent experience with and current knowledge about nonprofit management challenges and trends – e.g., approaches to promoting anti-racism/equity/inclusion, program management, the challenges that Executive Directors/CEOs face, managing stakeholders such as board members and donors, influencing without authority. Demonstrated expertise in guiding individuals, especially new managers, and teams/groups in the development of (less tangible) leadership and management competencies using various resources (EQ, MBTI, communication skills, leadership styles). Availability to participate in planning and debriefing calls between sessions as well as the 8 full-day sessions, online EL guidance and assessment support between sessions, the 16 one-on-one coaching sessions, and final celebration; also willingness to shadow EL facilitators in other cities as part of initial training and preparation. Natural ability to model the attributes EL promotes, such as curious listening and learning, self-awareness, promoting brave exploration, encouraging inclusiveness, trust and confidence, maintaining a future orientation, authenticity, and inclination to experiment/act.


It is anticipated that the role will take between 20- 25 hours a month. The budget range for the consultant’s fee is $30,000 - $34,000. 

Please send a cover letter and resume to Caryn Tomljanovich at ctomljanovich@alumnicorps.org by March 1, 2021.

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