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CLT India – CEO Search


CLT India – an award-winning NGO with a mission to reduce educational inequality in India and beyond through technology-enabled programs and resources – is seeking an energetic, impact-focused leader to head the organization as its new CEO. This is a rare opportunity to lead a vibrant, well-funded organization as it experiences the planned retirement of its founding CEO, who has served for nearly 25 years. Based in Bangalore, CLT India has a staff of 16 employees and a budget of about Rs. 1 crore (USD 170,000) per year. Its recent programs have focused on the provision of curriculum-aligned teaching aids delivered in a variety of digital media formats.


Ideal candidates will have a demonstrated record of strategic leadership, entrepreneurial initiative, excellent communication skills, and ability to work effectively with a variety of stakeholders in India and abroad. Previous commitment to social causes and demonstrated experience with fundraising is desired, but prior experience at an NGO is not a requirement. A background in education and/or digital technology will be helpful. We expect that the new CEO would be based in Bangalore, where the current staff and offices are based, though the CLT Board of Trustees is open to other possibilities.


Upon appointment, the new CEO will be responsible for all aspects of the organization, including articulating its mission and strategy, overseeing day-to-day operations, fundraising, developing partnerships, and assessing impact. The CEO will oversee all CLT India staff, resources, and subsidiaries. Currently, the staff are organized into five groups: education; IT; partnerships and data analytics; operations and marketing; visual media and outreach. The organization is based in a beautiful 6,000ft2 office and event space on a quarter acre of leased land adjacent to a local government school. The CEO would also manage two subsidiaries created to support fundraising for CLT India: Sintl Ltd, an Indian limited liability corporation for partnerships with private sector entities, and CLT International, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the United States.


The CEO will report to CLT India’s Board of Trustees, an international group with expertise across education, information technology, international development, non-profit management, design, finance, business, and law. The trustees are available for quarterly board meetings and otherwise for advice and support. However, CLT India has historically been a CEO-led organization; the trustees are not involved with the organization’s day-to-day activities. The trustees hope that the next CEO will lead CLT India through many additional years of impact and growth.


Compensation will be determined through negotiation with the Board of Trustees, taking into account the candidate’s qualifications and available funding. It should be noted, however, that CLT India is a non-profit organization, and that salary commensurate with the private sector for similar qualifications is unlikely. We are seeking a CEO who is mission-driven.


The founding CEO, Bhagya Rangachar, plans to retire by the end of 2021. Rangachar leaves CLT India in excellent circumstances, with a record of impressive accomplishments, dedicated staff, stable finances, and strong partnerships with leaders in education, technology, and philanthropy.


About CLT India


CLT India was founded in 1997 by Rangachar to provide support for India’s schoolchildren. It was the first organization in Karnataka state to offer mid-day meals in government schools. Seven years later, the state government made the program standard across all of its government schools. In parallel, Rangachar explored technology-based instruction and computer literacy classes for children. Based on this work, the government provided CLT India a 30-year lease on public land in Jakkur, just north of Bangalore, where CLT built its resource center and offices. In 2002, CLT India became India’s only recognized Computer Clubhouse – an international after-school program started by the MIT Media Lab and sponsored by Intel – in which students work on their own creative computer programming projects. In 2008, CLT India began work on e-Patashale, a series of curriculum-aligned multimedia resources for the 5th-10th grades that can be readily integrated into regional school systems, and which are available on the Internet, through a smartphone app, on USB drives, and on DVDs. e-Patashale has reached 4,000 rural schools and has impacted 65,000 teachers and 2.2 million students across 10 states in India, including Karnataka, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. Most recently, government-sanctioned textbooks include links to e-Patashale resources via QR codes.


Over the years, CLT India has garnered a range of awards for its work, among them, the Millennium Alliance Award presented by USAID and FICCI, the Digital India Award, the Manthan Award, and the Good for India Award by the Times Network. CLT India has partnered with a range of organizations to scale its programs, including the Karnataka State Government, Rotary International, Pratham Foundation, Menda Foundation, IIT Roorkee, and BITS Pilani. Funding for CLT India has been generously provided by FICCI, USAID, Cisco, Microsoft, MoneyGram Foundation and many others. Further details are available on our website:


To apply, please complete this form:, which also indicates a deadline. If you have any questions about the position or the application process, please contact CLT trustee, Marina Kundu, at All inquiries will be kept confidential.