Fundraiser, Protect Nature from the Threat of Gene Editing(Contract Position/Part-time/Remote)

Iowa, United States
Competitive Salary
Jun 25, 2021
Jul 24, 2021
Employment Type
Part Time

Are you a highly successful fundraiser who has your own contact list of visionary philanthropists dedicated to protecting human health and/or the environment? Have you raised millions for causes that are enormous in their impact?


If so, we invite you to help us find funding for an emerging global movement that addresses an unprecedented existential threat. In fact, many people consider this issue to be on par with global climate change, yet few people know about it.


With the advent of cheap, easy, (and accident-prone) gene editing techniques, we are looking at the prospect of massive releases of new organisms into the environment, irreversibly replacing and corrupting nature’s gene pool. This threat is compounded by the genetic engineering of microbes and viruses. 


The creation of highly infectious pandemic pathogens is only one potential outcome of this technology. Creating environmental instability and possible ecosystem collapse are also real possibilities associated with damaged microbiomes.


The Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) is seeking an established Fundraiser (contract position/part-time) inspired by this cause. The ideal candidate holds a proven and identifiable track record of successful fundraising and established relationships with high-value donors. The candidate must have a proven history of soliciting and securing large donations of six and seven figures, preferably in the various sectors of ecological and human health philanthropy.  


IRT is a world leader in educating the public and change-makers about the health risks and environmental dangers of GMOs and associated pesticides. IRT is building a global campaign called Protect Nature Now to alert, recruit, and empower organizations and leaders around the world to address the dangers of genetically engineered microbes and other dangers of genetic engineering. This new generation of GMOs can create unstoppable chain reactions in nature, alter or wipe out entire species, and replace or damage entire ecosystems.


The pandemic provides an opportune window to convey the seriousness of this threat. Establishing a movement at such a perfectly positioned time in history does not come along very often. Therefore, we are looking for visionary funders who can appreciate and are receptive to the gravity and significance of this issue and want to get in on the ground floor of establishing a practical, global campaign to protect our health, the environment, and future generations.


We have gathered stunning and compelling evidence establishing this threat (well-known in certain scientific circles). If you work with visionary funders possessing a personal mandate to protect nature and human health in a big way,  and have found success in helping fund such efforts in the high six-figures, then we would like to speak with you.

Note: Those without significant identifiable success and experience raising millions of dollars need not apply. 


Job Outline:

The position reports to the Executive Director (ED) and Managing Director. 


    Fundraising for the campaign and meeting negotiated milestones for success, with funding levels in the millions of dollars.
    Proven history of fundraising and building relationships in ecological and environmental preservation (climate change/oceans/regenerative agriculture/conservation/organics, etc.) and/or human health or similar areas.  Experience raising funds from high net worth individuals, independent wealth advisors, foundations, corporations, etc...


This is a contract position with a strong potential for long term. Pay rate to be negotiated during the hiring process but our anticipated pay rate is a generous monthly fee for the best-qualified part-time professional


Please send a cover letter and resume to As part of your application, please confirm that you have contacts with funders with a history of substantial giving to environmental and/or health causes and give an example of a successful fundraising campaign project that you have managed.