President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Episcopal Health Foundation
Texas, United States
Salary Commensurate with experience
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May 31, 2022

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Full Time

Episcopal Health Foundation (EHF)
President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

Position: President & CEO
Organization: Episcopal Health Foundation (EHF)
Location: Houston, TX
Reporting Relationship: Board of Directors

The Episcopal Health Foundation (EHF) is a leading nonprofit philanthropy committed to health equity and advancing public health in the state of Texas and one of the largest of such philanthropies in the country. Rooted in faith and active in hope, the EHF believes ALL Texans deserve to live a healthy life – especially the poor and those with the least resources. EHF works to eliminate gaps, rather than simply fill gaps, in the health system that result in disparate health outcomes, particularly for people living in poverty and communities of color.

In addition to the Foundation’s impactful grantmaking, EHF also has a strong research team that writes and publishes critical findings and an engagement team that provides direct assistance working alongside community groups and church partners. Leveraging this multi-pronged approach, EHF operates at the unique intersection of delivery, nonprofit, philanthropy, and research, expanding upon its traditional role as a Foundation to also serve as an influential thought leader, knowledge hub, innovator, and convener for the region and across the country.

With a culture of experimenting and taking “evidence-informed” risks, EHF is entrepreneurial in its approach. The Foundation believes in health equity; systems change; health not just healthcare; upstream approaches; and the value of policy and advocacy work. EHF is dedicated to improving #HealthNotJustHealthCare in Texas and reshaping the debate around health care to focus on addressing the non-medical, root causes of poor health. By changing the conversation, the Foundation is transforming the health of our communities by going beyond the doctor’s office. 

The next CEO of EHF will join at a particularly critical and unprecedented time in the history of the organization, the state, and our nation. In addition to the continuing evolution in the health sector, strategic philanthropy and systems transformation, as well as the significant challenges in our current environment, the diverse geographic, socio-economic and political landscape in Texas present heightened challenges in the public health arena. 

EHF is uniquely positioned to leverage the power of nonprofits, community and congregational mobilization, and cross-sector collaboration to shape policy in a nonpartisan way. This is an incredible role for a passionate and equity-minded executive to propel EHF forward as an advocate in promoting health equity, expanding coverage, and advancing Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) in Medicaid without politicizing public health, and demonstrating a national model of success at such an important moment of visibility.

Episcopal Health Foundation is based in Houston and was founded in 2013 by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas upon the transfer of St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System. Bishop Andy Doyle of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas led the effort to use the more than $1 billion in proceeds to start a foundation that would reshape the way the Episcopal Church engages the community and change the way we think about health in Texas. 

EHF chose to focus on improving community health, rather than just health care, because the opportunity for good health starts long before the need to see a doctor. Health systems need scalable solutions to address non-medical factors that impact health. EHF was created as a community-based philanthropy to spark transformative change within the diocese’s 57-county service area where more than 11 million Texans live.

In 2015, EHF became fully operational with divisions for research, grantmaking, and congregational and community engagement. Currently, with $1.3 billion in assets and an annual operating budget of $50+ million, the Foundation operates as a supporting organization of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. Since its inception, the Foundation has invested over $300 million in pursuit of its mission through grantmaking, impact investing, research, and congregational and community engagement. 

Today, EHF is a leading advocate for advancing community health as a top issue within the health care debate. Looking forward, the Foundation continues to explore new and innovative tools such as impact investing, research-based initiatives, and other efforts to stimulate profound, sustainable impact throughout community across Texas and revolutionize how Texans approach health.

For additional information, please visit the website for more About EHF and its Strategic Plan.

The President & CEO will provide dynamic, visionary, and inclusive leadership for EHF. In partnership with the Board and Bishop Doyle, the CEO will drive the strategic direction and agenda for the organization, as well as lead and advance effectiveness and impact in health equity for the state. The CEO is responsible for directing all components of the organization, leading and empowering the staff, and ensuring a strong culture of respect, teamwork, and innovation. The CEO is responsible for finances and operations, quality standards, and effective engagement with the Board. 

As a critical member of the community and the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, the CEO will collaborate regularly with a diversity of stakeholders, serving as a partner, thought leader, advocate, and a cross sector convener. The individual will adeptly navigate the political climate and leverage opportunities for health advancement within and outside of public health and philanthropy.

The CEO will be responsible for ensuring and enabling the following essential outcomes:

  • EHF, its CEO, and staff leaders will be visible and active thought leaders in all areas of public health and healthcare and demonstrate particular expertise regarding the needs of the uninsured/underinsured, as well as those with limited access to resources necessary for health and well-being, in the Foundation’s 57-county service region
  • EHF will be considered a leader among health promotion organizations, both public and private, statewide and nationally
  • EHF will influence public policy to align with the mission of the Foundation
  • The Board of Directors will participate in rich discussions and deliberations rooted in the established governance, policy, strategic goals, and prior decisions of the Board
  • The resources of the Foundation—financial, human, and reputational—will be managed to achieve the current goals and objectives of the organization, as an instrumentality of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, while safeguarding those same resources to ensure the Foundation can serve its mission in perpetuity
  • The CEO, Board, and staff members will hold a shared vision for the Foundation, embody the Foundation’s values as a Christian organization, and enhance the reputation of the Foundation through thoughtful and consistent decisions and actions

Specifically, the CEO will:

  • Lead EHF through the next strategic planning process, in partnership with the Board and in close collaboration with the Bishop, to ensure the organization has a strong vision, focus and agility to respond to an ever-changing social, economic, and political environment
  • Provide visionary leadership and deep expertise to the staff-- upholding the Foundation’s values, creating a healthy work culture, and supporting a high-performing staff at all levels of the organization
  • Support an effective Board of Directors and foster positive relationships within the Board, with the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, and between the Board and with key Foundation leadership, staff teams, church leaders, community partners, and all other external audiences
  • Be astute in conceiving, staffing, funding and supporting innovative projects that align with the Foundation’s core focus areas of the SDOH, expanding health coverage and access, redesigning the delivery system/financing, linking care to community, as well as advocacy and leadership
  • Be skillful in identifying emerging issues and convincingly convey their importance to key stakeholders including Episcopal congregations and community partners, the state legislature and agencies, the business community, and grantees
  • Be adept in building working relationships among church parishes, community groups, partner organizations, policy makers, and with leaders in other fields to collectively further the work of health equity
  • Represent the Foundation with the public, the media, legislative and executive bodies of government, local communities and congregations, and other pertinent audiences

A passionate leader who recognizes the significant disparities around health access and outcomes for people living in poverty and communities of color, the next CEO will be motivated by the urgency of EHF’s mission in Texas. The individual will possess demonstrated leadership experience with knowledge and experience related to health, delivery models, influencing policy, diverse stakeholder management, community and congregational engagement, and systems change. With a genuine commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the CEO will bring thought leadership, political sophistication, persuasive communication, and a truly collaborative and inspiring spirit.

Candidates ideally will possess the following qualifications:

  • Broad knowledge of health and health policy
  • Strategic mind to set a clear course for the organization; innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to drive optimization and to challenge the status quo
  • Appreciation of philanthropy and how foundations seek to partner with the communities they serve
  • Understanding of SDOH and of the challenges to health and healthcare of people of color and low-income populations; ability to see issues through a racial and social justice lens, as well as the need to address inequities through systemic change
  • Understanding and appreciation for EHF’s mission rooted in faith-based values and its origins with the Episcopal Diocese of Texas; comfort building relationships with parish leaders and working closely with congregations and others within the church community
  • Ability to build partnerships with congregation and community leaders across sectors and to inspire action by key players in the field
  • Exemplary communication skills; the ability to publicly convey EHF’s work effectively, address critical issues in health, policy, and philanthropy at community/national levels, and leverage strategic communication to promote a strong external presence for EHF
  • Ability to embrace diverse perspectives, align multi-stakeholders, and drive cohesion and unity around a shared interest for advancing health
  • Ability to identify appropriate opportunities to influence and advocate for public policy
  • Ability to provide leadership and vision in assessing emerging needs within a changing external landscape, as well as identify organizational gaps and operationalize strategy
  • Ability to create and maintain high standards of performance, accountability, and foster innovation, continuous learning and quality improvement
  • Ability to hire, lead, empower, and retain a high-achieving and diverse staff, as well as develop, maintain, and enhance an organizational infrastructure and systems to support growth
  • Demonstrated business acumen, including familiarity with budgeting, financial management including endowment oversight, and working with a board to manage fiscal and fiduciary accountability
  • Keen intellect and an active curiosity; a lifetime learner

An undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university is required. An advanced degree and/or other pertinent experience is preferred.

This position offers a competitive salary and includes a comprehensive benefits package. We actively welcome all candidates from a wide range of backgrounds who have the skills to fulfill this role – regardless of compensation history.

Please upload your current resume (in pdf/word format with your name clearly labelled) via the following online applicant portal:
Nominations are also welcome via email at


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