Executive Director

Joyful Jobs is recruiting an Executive Director on behalf of Save the Scenic Santa Ritas.


Our Mission:

Save the Scenic Santa Ritas is a not-for-profit organization that works to protect the Santa Rita Mountains from environmental degradation caused by industrial mining.  We are dedicated to conserving the integrity of natural ecosystems, cultural history, and human communities and values in and around the Santa Rita Mountain Range.  With a strong record of successes, Save the Scenic Santa Ritas partners and works closely with other environmental organizations, indigenous groups, and government agencies charged with the stewardship of our public lands.


Required Experience:  

The ideal candidate will have 5-10 years’ experience in leadership positions in the public or private sector, preferably as an Executive Director with a non-profit organization.  The candidate shall demonstrate a record of direct leadership, organizational management, and environmental advocacy particularly in the field of extractive industry projects impacting natural ecosystems, wildlife habitat, and areas of cultural and social importance within concerned communities.



    Bachelor’s degree(s), preferably graduate degree(s), in business management, business and public administration, environmental studies, journalism, field-based sciences, political science, law, secondary education, and/or a related field Solid financial skills including overseeing organizational financial management and budget development, as applied to environmental conservation projects Proven fundraising experience and good knowledge of financial processes and implications for various types of donations and endowments Ability to work successfully with a Board of Directors and follow strategic direction Computer skills including MS Office, Adobe Photoshop and other graphics programs, social media programs and applications, ability to develop and conduct virtual meetings and presentations Knowledge of the Sonoran Desert ecology and that of the Southeastern Arizona Sky Islands, and other southwest regional natural habitat and cultural conservation sites Strong public speaking skills and the capacity to work effectively with economically, racially, and culturally diverse groups Demonstrated ability to develop action teams, working collaboratively on shared mission/goals/events which produce meaningful positive environmental outcomes Flexibility and willingness to take on anything that needs to be done within an organization with no other employees; the mindset that no assignment is too big or too small Preferred: Bilingual (English/Spanish)



Supporting the organization in general operations by: 

Financial tasks

    As directed by the Board, developing and executing grant proposals, funding requests to donors, and other fundraising materials and activities As directed by the Board, creating an annual budget and monitoring expenses; providing a monthly summary to the Treasurer and the Board; providing “best practices” financial reports for audit by independent accountant when required In coordination with the Treasurer, maintaining financial records and other documents required for 501(c3) status, provided to Exec Committee for review/approval, and submitted in a timely manner as required to governmental or other agencies

Communication tasks

    Establishing and maintaining relationships with news media and allied partner organizations, and providing summaries to the Board of these communications Monitoring various state/local/national government activities and agencies to provide Board with information on activities such as permitting, construction, drilling, etc.; also directing information to the Research/Science/Technology Committee Collaborating with other involved parties in updating and maintaining website, brochures, list serve and other digital newsletters, print mailings, and social media, and other marketing and advertising


Other tasks

    Handling all email and telephone correspondence promptly and professionally  Collecting mail, recording and depositing donations, recording and paying bills in coordination with the Treasurer; providing monthly financial transaction summary to Treasurer for review Managing storeroom as well as purchase and distribution of merchandise such as T-shirts, books, and more


Support and advise standing committees in their work by:

For the Outreach Committee:

    Arranging venues, providing meeting agendas, providing set-up/clean up, and recording/distributing notes for meetings (in-person or Zoom or hybrid), and tabling events With committee input and direction, provide and/or update presentation materials for meetings including print graphics, PowerPoint slideshows, written or digital handout material


For the Research/Science/Technology Committee:

    With Committee input and direction and with Board approval, take action on legal and technical issues as they arise Specifically, work with lawyers and other advisors to take the necessary steps, including legal action, to prevent mining from advancing and expanding With advisors, review technical reports and summarize for Board use With committee input and direction, manage consultants to ensure that the desired work products are completed consistent with the terms of the contract Work with advisors to prepare documents that clarify the status of mining activities and that can be circulated publicly and to investors When appropriate, communicate with elected officials and their staffs, relevant supportive organizations, and other community members to secure their support and to keep them updated on activities


For the Development Committee:

    With Committee input and direction, providing a leadership role in development of fund-raising strategy; implementing development roles and actions


Serving as Save the Scenic Santa Ritas point of contact for general public by:

    Updating committees’ and partner agencies’ contact information lists annually, or as any major changes occur, and distributing as requested Scheduling and conducting public tours of Santa Rita mining sites Representing the mission and activities of Save the Scenic Santa Ritas to various stakeholders, including policymakers, elected officials and candidates for public office, local/state/federal officials, tribal governments, donors and the general public


Compensation and benefits will be negotiated and based upon relevant experience.

Joyful Jobs and Save the Scenic Santa Ritas are Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employers and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or disability.

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