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Director of Consulting

District of Columbia, United States
$175,000.00 - $225,000.00
Posted Date
Mar 20, 2023

About Us

Activest is a leading voice for fiscal justice, which is our multilayered, critical analysis of equity in municipal finance, measured at the intersection of fiscal health and racial justice. Our research shows that communities realize stronger fiscal outcomes when they prioritize the well-being of their most marginalized residents. A fiscal justice approach offers new tools for stakeholders to advocate for disclosures and accountability that have the potential to shift financial markets.

We are a Black-owned and led firm founded in 2016, based on our work in Ferguson, Missouri following Michael Brown’s death. Over the past six years, we have honed our approach by working with a host of cities, organizers, and activist investors. This includes supporting organizers in a City of Chicago campaign to mobilize municipal investors to pressure the City to stop using proceeds from the bonds to cover police-brutality settlements. We've also collaborated with grassroots coalitions and city leaders, like our work with Bloomberg Philanthropies, where we worked with twenty-nine city mayors and budget directors on their equitable COVID-19 fiscal recovery efforts.

The Position

Activest is looking for an experienced and proven Director of Consulting. We welcome candidates from a wide range of formal and informal experiences, such as serving in a Managing Director, Treasurer, CFO or Auditor's office, or as a self taught community advocate. We're looking for someone with significant experience with public sector finance, access to capital and place-based investment strategies. We're also open to candidates with more research-oriented backgrounds who are comfortable leading client engagements. Ideal candidates will bring a strong racial justice analysis of markets (e.g. healthcare, housing, criminal justice) and/or a strong racial justice analysis of places (e.g. cities, counties, school districts).

What You Will Do:

    Lead and Manage Client Engagements: Carry 5 to 7 client engagements such as:
      Providing technical assistance to local government leaders and cities to incorporate equity into budgeting Researching the impact of private equity takeovers of safety net hospitals Supporting a coalition of community leaders on budgeting priorities to inform their county’s next annual budget allocation.
    Conduct Analyses: conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis using Activest’s fiscal justice methodology to uncover the justice implications of local government finances. See reports section of website for sample deliverables. Collaborate with Organizing Partners: Engage with Activest’s network of organizing partners working on the front lines by supporting them with research and technical assistance. Mine Consulting Insights for Other Areas of Work: Work with our advocacy and product development teams to inform where we can invest and help build community power based on insights from consulting engagements. Support Business Development Processes:
      Pursue potential collaborations with other firms in the equity and local government consulting space. Refine how we talk about and market our consulting work Present at conferences, webinars and lead workshops for our partners and the field.


    Deep personal and professional understanding of intersectionality and equity and how these play out with clients and communities. A commitment to a community-based, decolonizing approach to support and follow the leadership of movement partners. High Emotional intelligence: you have a regular, deep self-reflective practice that allows you to consciously choose how you respond and act rather than unconsciously react based on old habits and patterns. Genuine excitement for municipal policy, local government research and public sector innovation Comfort in operating with a high level of independence and efficiency, coupled with a desire to be a part of a high-performing team. Ability to tolerate significant ambiguity and create clarity as projects progress

Skills and Competencies

    Deep experience with state and local government financial analysis and budgeting  Familiarity with place-based investing and community development Lived experience and a nuanced understanding of the systems of inequality and how they are used to marginalize communities. Strong grasp of the racial justice implications in public finance Strong writing skills (client deliverables, memos and research papers, credit briefs) Social science research and/or data skills

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