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Hawai'i Public Radio - President and General Manager

Hawai'i Public Radio
Hawaii, United States
$205,000.00 - $225,000.00
Closing date
May 1, 2024

Hawai'i Public Radio (HPR) seeks a highly skilled and experienced individual to serve as their next President and General Manager. The next leader will spearhead the station's mission, overseeing its strategic direction, financial health, operational excellence, and community service. This pivotal role demands a visionary leader with a passion for public media, an understanding of Hawai'i's unique cultural and societal context, and a proven track record in management and fundraising. The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring HPR continues to thrive as a premier public media outlet, adapting to the evolving media landscape while staying true to its core values and public service mandate.

Serving as a vital community resource, HPR is renowned for delivering exceptional public radio service to the islands of Hawai'i. As a listener-supported radio station, HPR takes pride in offering a rich blend of insightful news, engaging cultural programs, and diverse music genres, all curated to enrich the lives of its audience and reflect the unique multicultural landscape of Hawai'i. With a commitment to excellence in broadcasting, community engagement, and digital innovation, HPR seeks to inform, educate, and inspire its listeners, fostering a well-informed public equipped to participate in a diverse and dynamic society.

Hawai'i Public Radio is at a pivotal moment in its journey, armed with a clear vision and a strategic plan that has set the course for their future. As they continue to navigate the evolving media landscape, work is being done on refining and updating the strategic blueprint to ensure its alignment with the long-term goals and needs of the diverse communities of Hawai'i. The incoming President will play a crucial role in this process, not necessarily by reinventing the foundational vision but by embracing and building upon it. The focus will be on sharpening the implementation of current strategies and ensuring they remain dynamic and responsive to the changing world around us. The President will also need to address pressing infrastructure issues, including identifying the challenges and opportunities of an aging facility.

Salary: $205,000 - $225,000 annually

Together the Board and Staff of Hawai’i Public Radio have developed the profile of the ideal next leader for HPR. We will select from candidates that have the most highly developed skills and attributes in these areas:


Our most important asset is the trust our audience and the people of Hawaii have in our programming and in Hawaii Public Radio as an institution. The HPR General Manager will:

  • Be an authentic, courageous, ethical person of substance and strong self-awareness;
  • Exhibit humility in leadership, recognizing the value of team contributions, being open to feedback, and demonstrating a willingness to learn and grow alongside the organization;
  • Promote a culture of honesty and transparency, encouraging open communication and accountability at all levels of the organization;
  • Foster trust with listeners, donors, and the community by consistently delivering on promises and commitments made by the station;
  • Have clear, high standards for themselves and others;
  • Understand and practice confidentiality when necessary as well as organizational and financial transparency;
  • Make decisions based on the best interest of the public and the organization, avoiding conflicts of interest and ensuring impartiality in station affairs;
  • Have absolute commitment to journalistic independence, integrity, and ethics.

We seek an externally focused, experienced, and mission-driven individual, with a mature set of leadership and management abilities, who will help maintain the positive, aligned culture within HPR, keep the organization improving in effectiveness in serving the people of Hawaii and at the same time keep us financially sound in this turbulent economic time, who also:

  • Has an open style, but is also an effective decision-maker and change agent;
  • Shows up – in the community, throughout the islands and with the staff;
  • Fosters a collaborative work environment, encouraging teamwork, innovation, and a sense of ownership among all staff members;
  • Is a selfless, effective change agent who puts the mission and success of HPR first;
  • Has strong business skills and a record of effective business management;
  • Is a fair, powerful team leader and builder, to make the organization highly effective at serving its mission;
  • Provides direction and accountability for organizational and staff results, including clearly communicating strategy, goals and expectations;
  • Has great people skills including being able to flex style – comfortable and effective at dealing with a wide range of stakeholders – from our smallest communities to state-wide legislative, business and community leaders;
  • Is committed to and comfortable with diversity, both within the institution and in the community;
  • Is politically savvy and diplomatic.

In the context of the massive changes occurring throughout media, display ability to craft and articulate a compelling vision for Hawai'i Public Radio's future, aligning with the station's mission and the evolving media landscape and:

  • Is a big picture person;
  • Has a learning orientation, including demonstrated methods for gathering, assimilating and making meaning out of information about the changing media, technology and demographic landscape;
  • Develops strategic plans that translate vision into actionable goals, setting clear priorities and benchmarks for success;
  • Cultivates partnerships and collaborations that enhance the station's capacity to fulfill its vision, expanding its reach and influence;
  • Engages and inspires the team, stakeholders, and the community around the vision, fostering a shared commitment to achieving long-term objectives.
Community Relationships:

The leader we seek will develop and maintain strong relationships with a wide range of community groups, local organizations, and stakeholders across Hawai'i to ensure the station's services meet diverse community needs. They will also:

  • Collaborate with local artists, educators, and cultural institutions to enrich programming and reflect the unique cultural landscape of Hawai’i;
  • Continue to grow HPR’s presence in Hawaii, has personal qualities the community can connect with, and over a short period of time will become an active participant and recognized leader in our region;
  • Have a high level of energy for the travel involved in visiting/connecting the state, as well as authentic enthusiasm for all of the islands in their geographic and demographic diversity, from Honolulu to the farthest reaches of our state;
  • Be comfortable and effective with a wide range of people, including at high levels (and being seen as peer) of civic leadership in the region;
  • Advocate for community issues and interests through dedicated programming and support of local initiatives, reinforcing the station's role as a community pillar;
  • Foster partnerships with local businesses and non-profits, exploring opportunities for joint projects that benefit the community and enhance the station's impact.
Diversity/ Equity/ Inclusion:

The successful candidate will display a clear commitment to and proven record growing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the workplace and in audiences and communities we serve, as well as:

  • High level of expertise in best practices (such as understanding and addressing implicit bias and microaggression, creating an inclusive workplace and promotion of civility);
  • Cultural fluency, awareness and empathy – respect for values, treating people as individuals and using different perspectives, and with experience in other cultures;
  • Expert at diversity-focused hiring practices, from position announcements to recruiting and interviewing;
  • Lifelong learner – adapting to context, openness, curiosity, tolerance for ambiguity.

Highly developed public and private interpersonal and communication skills, with an open, engaging style, including:

  • Creating a culture of open lines of communication with staff at all levels;
  • Being a skillful listener. Embodied by the Hawaiian term mana’o which means “listening to learn to create empathetic understanding through all perspectives”;
  • Comfort with and command of the range of communication channels, including speaking, writing and social media;
  • Is inspiring and respectful, connecting in a real way with people;
  • Is an effective spokesperson for the organization.

The dramatic changes in media as well as the warm yet reciprocal and relationship-based culture in Hawaii call for someone who has a high level of adaptability and who:

  • Demonstrates flexibility in adjusting strategies and operations in response to the evolving media landscape and organizational needs;
  • Leads the team through change with a positive attitude, encouraging innovation and resilience in the face of challenges;
  • Fosters a culture of continuous learning and development, encouraging staff to embrace new skills and adapt to changes in their roles and responsibilities;
  • Anticipates shifts in listener behavior and media consumption, proactively adjusting content and distribution channels to meet audience needs;
  • Actively solicits new ideas and opinions.
Industry Knowledge (radio, internet, etc):

Knowledge of and experience with media, trends in technology and consumption of media, including:

  • A high level of understanding of dynamics, issues and trends in public radio (including the need to develop HPR into an essential local institution), and ability to lead HPR in this area;
  • Ability to foster a culture of digital innovation within the team, encouraging continuous learning and adaptation to digital trends and best practices in the media industry;
  • Possess a robust digital competency, with a deep understanding of digital media platforms and technologies, including podcasting, to enhance Hawai'i Public Radio's online presence and audience engagement;
  • Understanding/experience with issues related to non-profit organizations;
  • Is able to manage a complex physical plant (studios and our many transmitter sites), including managing the strategic and financial challenge of maintaining its effectiveness;
  • If coming from outside public radio, has a deep commitment to and knowledge of public radio (listener, supporter).

Continue to build on HPR’s strength, focus on and leadership in collaboration as a central strength and strategy, both internally and externally. We will consider candidates with clear evidence of:

  • Demonstrated expertise in conflict resolution, with a proven ability to navigate and mediate disputes effectively, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment;
  • Strong emotional intelligence and communication skills, capable of addressing conflicts with empathy and fairness, while ensuring all parties feel heard and valued;
  • A proven track record of building consensus among diverse groups, leveraging negotiation and problem-solving skills to align team and organizational objectives;
  • Experienced in change management, adept at leading organizational transitions with strategic planning, clear communication, and stakeholder engagement;
  • An ability to lead by example in promoting a collaborative work environment, where diverse opinions are valued and integrated into decision-making processes;
  • Implementing systems and tools that enhance team collaboration and project management, ensuring efficient workflow and alignment on shared goals;
  • A capacity to discern strengths and weaknesses of potential and current partners;
  • Being able to identify and accept responsibility for missteps, and equally quick to credit others for contributions and success.
Financial Integrity:

The Executive Director must lead with transparency, providing clear and comprehensive financial information to stakeholders, including donors, the board of directors, and the public. They will also:

  • Foster a culture of financial integrity and accountability across all departments, promoting ethical financial practices and decision-making;
  • Implement robust financial policies and procedures that comply with federal and local standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring the organization's long-term fiscal responsibility;
  • Manage budget preparation, allocation, and monitoring processes, ensuring resources are utilized efficiently and effectively towards the station's strategic goals;
  • Guide financial planning and analysis efforts, using data-driven insights to inform strategic decisions and financial sustainability;
  • Serve as a steward of public and private funds, demonstrating a commitment to leveraging resources for maximum impact and public benefit.
To Apply:

HPR is being assisted in this search by Livingston Associates. For consideration, please submit a resume and a letter of introduction that describes how you will be the ideal person to lead the organization.

Date for full consideration: April 28th, 2024
Follow this link to apply through Livingston Associates' online application system.
Inquiries are welcome with Livingston Associates at (410) 243-1974.
Hawai’i Public Radio is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

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