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Chief Executive Officer

OnKai Health Foundation
California, United States
$275,000.00 - $350,000.00
Closing date
May 3, 2024

The OnKai Health Foundation is a new nonprofit that is disrupting the healthcare industry by changing the way underserved communities access the resources they need to support health and well-being. An integral component of the OnKai ecosystem, the OnKai Health Foundation seeks to build a future where health equity is a tangible reality. It does so by harnessing the power of the HelloKaiTM artificial intelligence (“AI”) platform to channel technology and financial resources efficiently, effectively, and directly to free and affordable health clinics and healthcare professionals serving marginalized populations throughout the United States. Through the power of AI, the HelloKai platform uses a data-driven approach to distribute funds and in-kind resources directly to those in need and continuously measures outcomes to capture the tangible impact of each allocated resource.

The inaugural Chief Executive Officer will be an authentic storyteller, entrepreneurial visionary, exceptional fundraiser, systems-oriented implementer, and an innovative strategist who will drive the co-creation of the OnKai Health Foundation’s vision and strategic plan. They will set clear strategic priorities and goals, formulate and execute new revenue generation strategies, establish effective and efficient operating frameworks, and stay agile to pivot in response to external conditions and impact data. The CEO will bring a nuanced, asset-based understanding of the societal factors that influence health, including an understanding of the intersectionality with DEIBJ concepts and the experiences of people with marginalized identities. They will be able to inspire others to support the organization.

They will bring exceptional communications skills, sales and fundraising expertise, team management and leadership, and an entrepreneurial mindset to elevate the Foundation’s mission, visibility, and impact, and nurture connectivity and culture among the team and key stakeholders.


History & Vision

Over 30 million people who are uninsured, underinsured, or reliant on public insurance in the U.S receive their health care through 10,000+ community-based safety-net clinics. Safety-net clinics are trusted in the communities they serve, but inequities in the health care system have resulted in a significant shortage of financial resources, infrastructure, providers, and training in these settings. This results in long waits for access to care and challenges in meeting the often-complex needs of the people who count on them. It also leaves underserved populations significantly underrepresented in clinical trials of promising experimental treatments and in epidemiologic studies that are essential to advance population health. A disruptive solution is needed to close these gaps.

OnKai's technology is building a robust, self-sustaining infrastructure for the 10,000+ safety-net clinics across the US.

OnKai, Inc., the private sector arm of the OnKai ecosystem.

OnKai’s mission is to empower healthcare clinics and professionals treating populations that are underserved with effective and innovative solutions, driving equitable access to quality care for all communities. Our AI-powered technology rapidly bridges gaps in healthcare to meet the needs of populations experiencing disadvantages across the US. We aim to advance health equity for all by focusing on improving the access to and quality of care provided to underserved communities, which are often marginalized from current healthcare systems, research, and data analytics. We are developing an AI-based platform], which establishes a digital network that unites diverse healthcare stakeholders and generates tailored solutions to deliver quality healthcare in underserved communities. In this approach, safety-net clinics and their healthcare providers (HCPs) serve as a trusted gateway to their local, underserved communities, representing their needs on our platform. Our scalable technology creates a new digital infrastructure rooted in both care and research that complements current systems and incorporates new capabilities to eliminate existing system gaps. Through enhanced capabilities, underserved patients, supported by their local and trusted HCPs, gain access to quality specialty care and clinical trials. The iterative technology facilitates collaboration among renowned research institutions, local clinics, patient advocacy groups, solution providers, community support organizations, and more. Simultaneously, real-time data analysis enables the tracking of health outcome improvements.

The OnKai Health Foundation (“the Foundation”) was established to provide a vehicle through which individual and institutional funders, corporations, government stakeholders, and others can contribute philanthropic resources to advance health equity, and through which access to resources is democratized and scaled through the innovative use of artificial intelligence. More specifically, the Foundation utilizes HelloKai’s rule-based, impartial technology to ensure a just and equitable distribution of resources to registered beneficiaries. This dynamic system, which is designed to maximize benefits for those in need with a transparent and fair allocation, utilizes innovative “matching” technology to link registered beneficiaries to the funding, equipment, and resource opportunities they report that they need most.

This streamlined process improves transparency, speed, efficiency, and oversight, eliminating the need for proposals and review committees and erasing bias from the selection process. The dynamic, real-time nature of this approach is at the center of the unique value proposition of the Foundation.


The Opportunity

The OnKai Health Foundation is a first-of-its-kind nonprofit that is seeking a dynamic, entrepreneurial, innovative, and passionate leader to serve as its inaugural CEO. This is an opportunity to be on the ground floor of an initiative that has the capacity to radically transform the American healthcare and philanthropy landscape and pave the way for a future where everyone will have access to quality healthcare.

The CEO will partner with the Board of Directors to align and adopt strategic initiatives, ensure transparent communication, and drive rigorous decision-making to advance the mission and impact of the Foundation. The CEO will be a voting member of the Board of Directors and an ex-officio member of all committees. This individual will be a natural leader and collaborator and a transformational leader, skilled at relationship building to amplify impact.

This role will be ideal for a mission-driven, entrepreneurial individual who is committed to health equity, who embraces the power and potential of innovative technology to disrupt and improve access to health care, and who is energized by start-up opportunities in which they must “build the plane while flying it.” The ideal candidate will be deeply passionate about closing healthcare gaps for underserved populations and able to inspire others to partner and invest in OnKai’s vision and strategy. They will be an architect and engineer of both an operations framework and a strategy to support long-term organizational sustainability and impact.

The new CEO should expect to engage in the following key efforts:

Vision and Strategy

The CEO will be skilled at partnering with the board and other key stakeholders to fulfill the vision for the foundation. They will lead efforts to design strategies and plans to achieve strategic outcomes in the short term, while also maintaining focus on the long-term vision for impact. The CEO will understand and appreciate the potential for innovative technology to disrupt and enhance access to healthcare, and to streamline and amplify philanthropic practice to achieve rapid, scalable results.

Revenue Generation

The Foundation will initially rely on limited in-kind contributions in the form of technology, accounting support, and other infrastructure from OnKai, Inc. With the support and partnership of an active, involved, and well-connected volunteer board of directors, the CEO will be charged with cultivating key relationships and partnerships necessary to fund the organization’s growth and leverage impact. A successful CEO will secure seed funding in the range of $3-6 million within the first 12-24 months to enable planned growth.

They will also establish a compelling brand identity for the Foundation to support impact and expansion.

Internal Systems Building

Although, as previously mentioned, the new CEO will initially be able to rely on limited in-kind infrastructure support from OnKai, Inc., the successful candidate will need to develop the systems, policies, and procedures necessary to operate efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. They will need to effectively call upon the experience and knowledge of the board and external partners to lead the development of a sustainable and successful nonprofit organization.

People Management & Culture Development

As the organization grows, the CEO will be expected to support the development and growth of a lean yet effective team and a healthy organizational culture. The CEO will build an organization whose values align with the overall mission of the OnKai ecosystem. They will work to foster a culture that values equity, transparency, trust, clear communication, and collaboration across the Foundation while maintaining a healthy, flexible, and caring culture.

Financial Management & Stewardship

The CEO will collaborate with the board to create strong financial systems and ensure that the organization is financially healthy and in good standing.

Board Relations & Governance

The CEO will partner with the board to ensure transparency and accountability in organizational governance, financial health, and compliance, and identify current and future leadership needs. The CEO will also leverage the experience, relationships, and wisdom of the board to mobilize and motivate champions for the movement. The CEO will also play a role in continuing to build out the board and add members who bring the passion for the mission and ability to forge connections that will advance the work.

Collaboration with OnKai Inc.

The CEO will engage in close collaboration with the management team of OnKai Inc. Together, they will craft a comprehensive strategy for the ecosystem, focusing on building and promoting the ecosystem's brand. They will also ensure the continuous synchronization of activities, aimed at achieving the ecosystem's objectives and maximizing its impact.


Desired Experience & Qualifications

While no one candidate will embody all the qualifications enumerated below, the ideal candidate will possess many of the following professional and personal abilities, attributes, and experiences:

Revenue Generator

  • Demonstrated strategic fundraising orientation to effectively nurture, build, and sustain relationships with mission aligned donors as well as experience raising significant investments from public and private sources, including high net worth individuals, companies, government agencies, corporate sponsorships, and foundations.

Inspiring Thought Leader

  • Experience with thought leadership, advocacy, and external relations via writing and speaking, building strategic partnerships, and establishing effective messaging and organizational voice.
  • Powerful communicator in writing, one-on-one, in small group settings, and with large audiences. Ability to authentically share the mission of the Foundation to draw in others. A natural brand-builder, connector, and networker to help expand the Foundation network and motivate others.

Strategist & Scaler

  • Entrepreneurial and audacious spirit with demonstrated organizational, financial, and operational management expertise. Prior experience leading and launching successful start-up enterprises - whether for-profit or nonprofit - is highly desirable.
  • Proven experience developing strategic plans, operationalizing effective planning processes, and implementing action steps that align programs and resources with mission and values.
  • Capacity to take multiple pieces of data, identify trends, risks and opportunities and make strategic recommendations for a path forward.

Team Culture Builder

  • Collaborative and compassionate leadership mindset, an openness to shared leadership with the Board and team, as well as an effective internal management style with both individuals and teams that fosters mutual learning and cross team collaboration. A record of bringing a holistic lens to leadership regarding race, socioeconomic status, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, and other identities impacted by equity barriers.
  • Strong relationship-building skills and a genuine interest in listening to and learning from others. Ability to establish trust and engage partners, as well as act with intentionality and accountability.
  • Empathy, emotional intelligence, and expertise in change management to guide and further cultivate a values-centered, positive, supportive, and transparent work environment.

The Basics

  • Ability and willingness to travel as needed for meetings, fundraising events, conferences, and speaking engagements.
  • Combination of educational, professional, and lived experience aligned with the Foundation’s mission and values.
  • This full-time, exempt role can be based anywhere in the United States.


Compensation, Benefits & Location

This will be a remote position. Applicants may reside anywhere in the United States. The board has set an initial compensation range for this role at $275,000 - $350,000 and will be working with the CEO to establish a comprehensive benefits program for all employees.


To Apply

More information about the OnKai Health Foundation may be found at

This search is being led by Ellen LaPointe and Andres Marcuse-Gonzalez of NPAG. We invite interested candidates to submit a cover letter via NPAG’s website that:

  1. describes what draws you personally to care about the mission of the OnKai Health Foundation, and
  2. outlines your qualifications and relevant professional and lived experiences, along with a resume or CV.

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